How I begun to paint...

I work more than 15 years as business lawyer for big insurance companies. During my studies starting grammar school and continuing with the law faculty at the university, I always focused to material world of law, numbers and business transactions. 

When I was a child I have never attended any painting lessons - simply because I was labeled as "talented for music" and "not too much talented for painting". I accepted this "not talented for painting" label so much that I became part of me. 

Some time ago, I decided to solve some frustrations from my childhood and begun to regulary visit alternative therapy. 

During cleaning of my child frustrations, sadnesses and negative feelings, I started to feel strong need to paint. I really started to try to paint and immediately fell in love with it. I say "try to paint" because I have no formal background or education and I simply paint intuitively. Paint something and have no limits is one of my strongest and best experience :-) I hope you will enjoy the results :-)